Planning your trip

Planning a Euro Trip First of all we have to make this very clear. We are not your mother and you are responsible for yourself. That said, we suggest that you plan your trip carefully. Careful planning does not mean having a minute-by-minute itinerary. Careful planning means doing your research. Learn about the places you plan to visit and get advice from people who've already been there. Then make a list of your "must sees" and "must dos" and have a basic plan for how you will accomplish them.

We suggest that you lay out a skeleton itinerary to ensure that your "8 countries in 10 days" plan is feasible. Allow room in your itinerary for the unexpected - like finding out that 2 days in Rome just isn't enough. Remember that in many places in Europe stores and attractions will be closed on Sundays and popular destinations will get overrun on holidays. Don't worry - no one is going to hold you to your itinerary and chances are, it will change along the way. However, planning will prepare you to make the most of your time in Europe, while enjoying yourself all the way!