Rail Travel in Europe

Choose the right pass Those on their first trip to Europe are often pleasantly suprised by the ease and covenience of rail travel in Europe. The European rail network is extensive - connecting most of the major European cities as well as many smaller villages. Train travel allows you the freedom to jump on and off enroute. Imagine that you are cruising along on the train when you see a fascinating village - no problem. Jump off the train, and have a wander. Rail travel gives you that freedom.

European trains are comfortable, frequent and generally run to schedule. Backpackers who intend to visit several countries should consider buying a Rail Pass. Rail passes allow travellers to select the length of time their pass will be valid for as well as the countries or zones that they will be able to travel within. You can choose to pay additional supplements to ride the high speed trains that connect most major cities or you can opt for the older cabin style trains. Each has its merits, but be prepared to pay a little extra for the convenience of speed.

Rail passes are generally cheaper if purchased before leaving for Europe. There are also discounted rates for travellers under 26. If you qualify, the best pass is the eurail youth flexipass.